Tuesday, January 02, 2007

walking program

What to write about in the next thirty one minutes....

Well I had an idea for a story.. let me see if I can remember it..hummm, it's based on the walking services provided by the university of guelph...that is a safe escort for girls anywhere on campus between the hours of seven thirty and two thirty am....I see a lonely shy boy with a lot of time on his hands and an egerness to please...that or a troubled boy with girl issues that keep him distant from them...both charactewrs could see this as an opportunity to meet girls in a safe and non pressure situation....
the girls could range from allout drunks to lonely girls themselves who see this as an equal opportunity to meet boys....
tthois could be a piece on the disconnection some people feel from society, or just new people in a new town using a new means of solization....
couls be a story of stories connecting the walkers night time randavous with the day time connections or snubs...that is a boy may lead a girl home one night with a real valued conversation and the next day she will or he will not look at that person for fear of a connection not favoured by there social standing or high/ low status/ race or language barrier....


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